How to spend eBucks at Poetry

The member can spend eBucks in-store or online on Poetry’s website.



The member must swipe their activated eBucks card at Point of Sale (POS) device and enter their eBucks 4 digit PIN to complete the transaction. Remember, customers can part-pay in-store if they don’t have enough eBucks.



1. Register on the online partner's website

You'll need to be logged into the partner website before you can order anything.

2. Add products to your basket or cart and check out

Browse the site and choose products to add to your shopping cart. Next, check out.

3. Choose eBucks as your payment method

Choose eBucks as your payment method. You will be asked to enter your SA ID number and eBucks PIN. Once you are logged in, you'll be able to see your eBucks account.

4. Enter your One Time PIN (OTP)

An OTP will be sent to your cellphone so that you can confirm your online purchase and complete your order.


How to earn eBucks at Poetry

eBucks members will earn 1.5% back from Poetry on online and in-store purchases.


For In-store purchases:

eBucks members will automatically earn eBucks when they pay with their qualifying FNB/RMB Private Bank card.


For Online purchases:

By choosing to earn eBucks and entering their SA ID number when paying for their online purchases.


PLUS: You can also spend your eBucks at any Cape Union Mart, Old Khaki and Tread+Miller stores or online.